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Chat Room for Less Than a 2 Year Membership for our YouTube Viewers Only!!

$ 499 .00 
  • Usually offered for $1499.
  • This offer is such a steal that it cannot be used in conjunction with our upgrade policy
  • Lifetime memberships are not offered on our normal signup page anymore.
  • One payment gets you a membership to the best teamwork on the planet for life.
  • We call our entries BEFORE we buy them.
  • We are live on the mic trading the open and talking you through what we are doing.
  • There is no pumping or competing in our room…we work together!
  • We have a daily Q and A session to explain all the calls from each morning.
  • Access to video lessons in our members area.
  • Trade ideas explained in detail (time permitting).
  • Daily lessons on our trading methodology.
  • Access to us via email.
  • We are committed to teaching you how to trade correctly.

(Please understand that since we are teaching proprietary material that we have developed over several years, we cannot offer refunds)

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